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Editing & Proofreading
Editing & Proofreading are tasks that should be made for experient linguists because they represent the final stage of a translation. The ideal situation is to have three people on the process: the translator that will do the translation itself from the source to the target language; the editor who will be responsible to read the final document taking care to correct some aspects as punctuation, mispelling words, wrong translation, grammatical points, etc. the proofreader who will be responsible for reading the final document (after editing phase) in a more high level way, correcting minor mistakes, formatting, visual aspect, etc., comparing the source document with the final one to have the final doc closer to the source one.

Why the translator do not catch these errors?
Well, we are human, and humans make mistakes! Although we have great linguists, it is difficult for someone to catch its own errors. Many times, these errors are very subtis and in other times, they are connect with a cultural aspect that the translator could not had faced in her life.

Using 3 people for this activity will certainly improve a lot the overall outcome quality! We cannot forget that a writing document will have a long life, so the quality is a very important aspect. Some documents will have dozens (or thousands) of printed copies. So, we cannot have a "cub" error to be spread in all of these copies!

Professional Translation
Translation is not just a matter to know a foreign idiom and translating it to the target one. If, so we could use an automatic translation machine to do the job! All languages are subjective and that's why an engine or algoritm cannot be used. So, we cannot just pick up a dictionary and translate everything from it! We will have a very artificial translation and every reader will not the difference for sure. The human intervention is a must in this world because the professional must choose the right words and expressions to reflect the source text. We can consider the translation as an art. The artist (translator) should pick up each word carefully, so the reader should thinks that the text was originally written in its native language. This is a perfect translation!

As we talk about human, we know that we are not perfect! So, we have a set of tools to help our translators on this hard task. These tools help us a lot on having a final product with the best quality possible. It is a perfect integration between humans and machines. The machines will check consistency along the text, mispelled words, client's glossary check to see if the translator used the terms the client uses on daily basis. We know that there are many synonyms for the same word. Some clients like a specific term and the translator should respect this. So, this arsenal of tools is really necessary to garantee the quality that the client is expecting.

Our team receives a training about these auxiliary tools. So, everybody can achieve same results even the translation itself it is not an exact cience! With a good training, right tools, and excelent profissionals, we have a perfect outcome!

The translation area is a big world with many aspects, tools, processes, and other things to explore.

Website Localization
The world is becomming smaller each day we live in it! The need to have your Website translated in other languages is a priority to reach more and more customers, but you certainly do not like to pass a wrong idea about your Company due a bad translation of your site! So, the localization of a site is a very important task that demands a lot of research, and we have the right professionals to do that! This is an exciting area and the final product should be as near as the original Website. The links should go to the right places and the customer experience must be the best one! We have a set of tools to support us in this so important activity. Our professionals are trained in these tools and we follow our methodology to reach the best possible results. If you need a Website localization, you are in the right place!

Transcription Services
"What a great lecture we had last week. We should spread it to our branches asap!". This situation happens everyday and time is a concern, off course. We have a team here that could help you on this task. The transcription phase is very important because it is one of the first tasks to have a great result. A bad transcription will generate a bad translation! So, the professional must be comfortable with the source language. Also, we simply cannot type what the person is saying! When we speak, we not use a writting language. So, there should be an adaptation to what the person says and what we should write. Some slangs, ways of speech, and others must be filtered because the target audience could not understand what the person said if we just write it down! The professional should be carefull with this and again, it is not just a matter to use a "listening machine" and put in a paper every word spoken. This filter is accomplished only for humans (at least nowadays). So, we have an experienced team that do t hat for years. You will be certainly in the good hands!

Translation Consulting
If you need help to translate all the material you have and you do not know where to start, we can help you! Our consulting team are ready to help you to organize all your material and put the right priority on it. They will be your partners in this task. The management tools we have will help you to organize everything in a way that is easy to understand and the deliveries will be done according to your Company needs. Do not worry with this. Sometimes, we see thousand of materials to be translated and it is difficult to set the priorities and to understand what should be first. Our experienced people could help a lot! Please, call us anytime. We will be glad to understand your problem and to help to fix it with you!

Foreign Voice Over
What a great area to explore! Do you need a soft voice to put in your material? Or should it be strong? We have the right professionals for it! The Voice Over task should be made by an artist. It is not just a matter to read a text. The artist should understand the essence of the text and use the correct emotional way to read it. We cannot have a boring read for a marketing presentation, for example! We need to transform the reading, so it will be a very interesting subject for the listener. A good voice will help for sure! Our team is prepared for this task. They have several years of experience and we can send some samples to you. So, you can compare the voices and choose the best one for your specific needs. As the other areas, we have a set of tools to help on this task. These tools help the professional to improve the outcome, generating a better result. When we use the Voice Over in a training, we have a better absortion of it. It is much better because people get more concentrated on the training and even if the subject is not so easy, it get more soft. You should try this modality in some of your material. You will certainly see the great results that it will achieve!