Working Conditions

It is always a pleasure to talk about our clients!
After all we are here because of them! In fact, our passion to learn languages started much earlier and the continued improvement is a real pleasure in our lives. Each client we have is treated in a personal way. The working conditions will depend a lot on the way the client works. The processes the client use are taking into considerations. It is a matter to us to be adapted in what the client needs.


Respect the client's process
We are flexible in this way.
Our intention is not to change the way the client works, but we need to adapt the client's needs with us. The idea is that the clients see us as a branch of their own process!


A very important point to discuss.
Many time we are leading with confidential material. So, we need to be very diligent and share the material only the necessary.


Preserve the good relationship
We consider our clients as our partners. So, we are always focusing to have a good relationship with them!


Work Environment
Good environment = good quality.
Although many of our employees work in the home office modality, we are always concerned about how/where they are doing their work. A good work environment reflects on the quality of our deliveries.


A long partnership it is what we want! The longest, the best!
Our intention is to have the longest partnership as possible with our clients. We are in the same boat, so its is our responsability to have the best possible partnership.

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Our Clients

Due confidentialy reasons, we prefer not mention client names in this section. Anyway, we work with several clients in many industries as Business, Engineering, Telecommunication, Food, Oil & Gas, Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Economy, Web, Technical, Mechanics, Computing, Mathematics, Physics, Automotive, Mining, Games, among others.
Our clients are located worldwide in all continents, and we have a long relationship with some of them. Please, let us know if you need specific references from our main clients.