Why work with just a few languages?
This was the question we discussed about sometime ago... We decided to be specialized in just a few languages for many reasons. One of them was, off course, to be specialized in our own native language: Brazilian Portuguese. So, we can check the final projects ourselves to check if our methodology is being used and if the quality for the translation is acceptable. We offer many services in the translation area as the translation itself, proofreading, localization, transcription, subtitling, editing, Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA), In-Country Review (ICR), timing synchronization, Style Guide creation, among others. The best translation is when a person read a doc, for example, and thinks that the text was wrote by a native person, and not translated. So, the essence of the text was passed to the target language. What about Spanish? Spanish is a language very similar (grammatically speaking) with Portuguese. So, we decide to do the pair Spanish -> Portuguese because that. We already have a lot of work with these 2 languages! Maybe in the future we can think about to add more languages to work with. If we do so, we are going to work with Latin languages as Italian and French due its similarity in several ways with Portuguese. For the moment, we are living English and Spanish every day here. Language is our passion! Lets see what the future will reserve to us!