What a great movie!
Subtitling is known more regarding movies we see at the cinema. The great advantage on subtitling is the speed we get instead of doing the dubbing. Many companies choose to do the subtitling before dubbing. Imagine the CEO sending an important video message worldwide to Company's branches. This message should get as fast as possible to foreign employees. Therefore, the subtitling is a good solution! There are plenty of tools to support this task. Video converters, video splitters, video editors, and so on. Each tool is responsible for a specific step until the final product. Some teams are responsible to transcript the audio into text. Sometimes, this task is made directly without the transcription from the original language. Therefore, the audio is converted by the linguist directly to the target language. Sometimes we use scripts and other ways to "map" the audio, splitting it in segments that could be translated easily by the translators. Some tools used in translation are also used here. For example, the tools that have a TM (Translation Memory). It is common that people say same thing in a conference, for example, in introductory subjects, exploring the Company's process, etc. Therefore, we have a gain here using the CAT Tools. Our professionals are here to help you to subtitle your material. Please, contact us for specific questions. As the other areas discussed above, there are a lot to talk about Subtitling!