Some aspects to explore
The most common use of the localization in translation is to adapt a Website to a foreign language, but we can use localization in other areas as software, hardware, displays, screens, equipment, devices, etc. Inside this area, we also have specific tools to support it. These tools are structures to work with multiple linguists and over the Internet. A Website, for example, can have thousands of words (if not millions) to be localized. Therefore, this big task should be divided to be able to be done in time and with quality. In the Software Localization, there are tools that extract the text from the Software to have it localized in several languages. These tools are very useful because they avoid someone to change the Software itself introducing errors on the code. So, only the text is localized. There is much more to talk about Localization, but again, the intention here is just to have a little introduction. We have a great team on this area. They are qualified professionals that can help you to achieve great results!