Is Translation easy?
Many people think the translation as having the text in the Word and just translate it word-by-word, line by line. Although the Word is a great tool we cannot live without, it is not the right tool to translate professional documents. We need some tools to speed up the translation process while guarantee the quality overall. There are "thousands" of tools in the market. Some of them are freeware, some not. These tools helps to structure the project in pieces. Therefore, it is easier to translate it. Other great feature these tools have is the famous "TM" (Translation Memory). This is one of the cleverest feature these tools have! The TM is being increasing each project we insert on it. It helps to maintain a uniformity among projects and translators. Lets say if we have a new translator on the team. He/she can benefit a lot from the TM because it will have ALL the translations made on the specific project. Therefore, he/she can use same terms used by the previous translators. Other great feature these tools have is the ability to split a big project in smaller ones. Therefore, a different linguist can do each piece of this project. This is great to speed up the translation overall! These tools also have the ability (off course) to join all the translations made by different translators to back to the main project. We can extend all day long talking about this subject! There is a plenty of material over the Internet, and we have the intention here just to have a little introduction! Feel free to contact us about specific questions you may have. Our team will be glad to help!