Professional Translation

What is involved
Translation is not just a matter to know a foreign idiom and translating it to the target one. If, so we could use an automatic translation machine to do the job! All languages are subjective and that's why an engine or algoritm cannot be used. So, we cannot just pick up a dictionary and translate everything from it! We will have a very artificial translation and every reader will not the difference for sure. The human intervention is a must in this word because the professional must choose the right words and expressions to reflect the source text. We can consider the translation as an art. The artist (translator) should pick up each word carefully, so the reader should thinks that the text was originally written in its native language. This is a perfect translation!

As we talk about human, we know that we are not perfect! So, we have a set of tools to help our translators on this hard task. These tools help us a lot on having a final product with the best quality possible. It is a perfect integration between humans and machines. The machines will check consistency along the text, mispelled words, client's glossary check to see if the translator used the terms the client uses on daily basis. We know that there are many synonyms for the same word. Some clients like a specific term and the translator should respect this. So, this arsenal of tools is really necessary to garantee the quality that the client is expecting.

Our team receives a training about these auxiliary tools. So, everybody can achieve same results even the translation itself it is not an exact cience! With a good training, right tools, and excelent profissionals, we have a perfect outcome!

The translation area is a big world with many aspects, tools, processes, and other things to explore.