Transcription Services

The Scenario
"What a great lecture we had last week. We should spread it to our branches asap!". This situation happens everyday and time is a concern, off course. We have a team here that could help you on this task. The transcription phase is very important because it is one of the first tasks to have a great result. A bad transcription will generate a bad translation! So, the professional must be comfortable with the source language. Also, we simply cannot type what the person is saying! When we speak, we not use a writting language. So, there should be an adaptation to what the person says and what we should write. Some slangs, ways of speech, and others must be filtered because the target audience could not understand what the person said if we just write it down! The professional should be carefull with this and again, it is not just a matter to use a "listening machine" and put in a paper every word spoken. This filter is accomplished only for humans (at least nowadays). So, we have an experienced team that do t hat for years. You will be certainly in the good hands!