Editing & Proofreading

Simply the best!
Editing & Proofreading are tasks that should be made by experient linguists because they represent the final stage of a translation. The ideal situation is to have three people on the process: the translator that will do the translation itself from the source to the target language; the editor who will be responsible to read the final document taking care to correct some aspects as punctuation, mispelling words, wrong translation, grammatical points, etc. the proofreader who will be responsible for reading the final document (after editing phase) in a more high level way, correcting minor mistakes, formatting, visual aspect, etc., comparing the source document with the final one to have the final doc closer to the source one.

Why the translator do not catch these errors?
Well, we are human, and humans make mistakes! Although we have great linguists, it is difficult for someone to catch its own errors. Many times, these errors are very subtis and in other times, they are connect with a cultural aspect that the translator could not had faced in her life.
Using 3 people for this activity will certainly improve a lot the overall outcome quality! We cannot forget that a writing document will have a long life, so the quality is a very important aspect. Some documents will have dozens (or thousands) of printed copies. So, we cannot have an "grosseiro" error to be spread in all of these copies!