A little bit about our history...
TradHelp Translations started its activities when we had the idea to unite our theoretical and practical knowledges with languages since 1992 and offer a quality translation service based on our own tested methodology over many years of work. In fact, our passion to learn languages started much earlier and the continued improvement is a real pleasure in our lives. Even before Internet, we delivered the translations in time and directly in the clients' hands (students and companies). Everything was more difficult because we didn't have the communication level that we enjoy nowadays. Since that time we're in a continuous process of improvement to satisfy the clients' needs even before they appear, searching, for example, new ways to offer a fast work but with always the same quality.

Founder - Luiz Amariz
Bachelor degree in Electric Engineering, Electronic modality by FAAP and with post graduation in Business Administration by the same Faculty. Fluent in English and with excellent knowledge in Spanish. I also worked in multinational companies and traveled outside Brazil (Europe/USA). Nowadays I'm dedicating myself to the translation career.

To provide a quality work to our clients through the presentation of practical results. With our own methodology, the work is presented with quality and the professionalism is warranted. The clients' satisfaction is our constant concern.