Individual Corporate Solutions

Company-wide project overview
We can take small project with hundred of words or the big ones with thousand of words. We also have great tools on the management and technical area to help us to deal with big projects. We can delivery the project just once or do in batches. So, you can choose the best way that fits your needs.

Dedicated staff for you!
For big projects, we usually set a specific team. So, it will be responsible for this project/client from now on. This is great because you will have a dedicated team that will know you better from project-to-project. You will not have to repeat same instructions again and again.

Specific user database
Each client is treated personally. We have a set of tools to control this. So, we know which terms the client prefers, for example. Our database is split in a way that is easy to recover client's information and to do a good training for newcommers.

Customized solutions
We have customized solutions for you! We can set specific solutions to attend your needs. We can talk to understand what are your needs, so with this input we can share some solutions with you to speed up the translation process and other concerns you might have on this area. These customized solutions will be part of your portfolio and they can be updated/improved time to time. With that, we will have and extension of your process, but you do not have to take care of it directly!