A Few Words About Us

TradHelp Translations
We started our activities when we had the idea to unite our theoretical and practical knowledges with languages since 1992.
We offer a quality translation service based on our own tested methodology over many years of work. In fact, our passion to learn languages started much earlier and the continued improvement is a real pleasure in our lives. Even before Internet, we delivered the translations in time and directly in the clients' hands (students and companies).

Everything was more difficult because we didn't have the communication level that we enjoy nowadays.
Since that time we're in a continuous process of improvement to satisfy the clients' needs even before they appear, searching, for example, new ways to offer a fast work but with always the same quality. We offer many services in the translation area as the translation itself, proofreading, localization, transcription, subtitling, editing, Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA), In-Country Review (ICR), timing synchronization, Style Guide creation, among others. We do since short translations (hundred of words) till the big ones (over thousand of words). Depending on the project we can setup small teams to always work with the same client to use the client way of work. Quality is a must for us and we are always looking for ways/tools to help us to delivery the best. Our team is trained using our process, so, everybody can "talk the same language" using the right tools for the right clients. We use specific Computer-assisted translation (CAT) Tools in our day by day activities. We also work with client's specific tools usually online Web tools.

Some clients prefer to use their own tools. Some of them are: Trados (several versions), WordFast Pro, Transit, Metatexis, MemoQ, SDLx, among others. We also work with management and quality tools to assure we always are delivering the best. We have a mission! To provide a quality work to our clients through the presentation of practical results. With our own methodology, the work is presented with quality and the professionalism is warranted. The clients' satisfaction is our constant concern. If we did not answer your questions, you can call us anytime to clarify. You are always welcome to offer feedback and raise unanswered questions! Feel free to contact us anytime you want!

What We Offer


Off course, we offer quality deliveries.
Quality is a must.
This is our slogan and everybody here are always concerned with it. We use quality tools to assure we are always delivering the best.


Own methodology
Although we use the most common tools on the market, we have our own methodology.
It is present in our day by day activities and we are always trying to find ways to improve it. Following our methodology we are always delivering the services with quality that obviously is appreciated for everybody.


Deliveries on time.
When we have a project, we can estimate with high precision how long it will take. So, we can always deliver on time. You will have no surprises!

Our Team

We have the most talented people in our team! They are professionals in several areas with large experience in the translation area.
Some of them work with us for many years and they are usually allocated to the same clients. Our outcome depends in large part from our people. So, we always take this in consideration when hiring new people to integrate our staff. If they pass at first phase of some translation tests, they go in a training program to learn our methodology. After that, we assign small projects to them to check their training absortion. Only after these phases they will be available for large projects.